5 after 9, LLC
Chicago Illinois

What do we design? Solutions.
Established in 2007, 5 after 9 is a consulting partnership between a musician and an artist who both like math. The partners, Doug Reitz and Arlene Hedgecock each bring over 25 years of experience in applied design thinking, process analysis, project management and development of analog & digital properties.

Our left and right brains are fully engaged as we partner with you. We demystify technology so you don't have to. We create UI/UX and more. We organize and curate data for release as education experiences or accessible libraries. Stay on task in your specialty and let 5 after 9 listen, imagine, research, develop, and deliver solutions.

2019 marks our return from sabbatical.
Time spent learning directly impacts our ability to discern future trends. We dove into the divide between data collection and data use.

We now apply design thinking to meet industry sector needs in education, finance, government and health as well as serving our core communication sector of advertising, creative and marketing firms.

We are B2B specialists and ad hoc C-suite consultants who still roll up our sleeves for front-end brainstorming and back-end design. Clearly some time off, yoga and vitamins did their job!